Livestock Well-Being

The well-being of the animals on our farm is important to us.

As part of our management we consider the requirements (nature) of each species on the farm and have taken care to research what we consider to be the best farming practices for housing, feeding, health care, and slaughter.

As part of our management we focus on:

  • Providing animals with high quality pasture forages (perennials and annuals), hay and minerals.
  • Rotationally grazing our sheep and cattle to improve pasture, soil, and animal health
  • Allowing animals to lamb and calve in the spring to take advantage of peak grass/pasture growth.
  • Use appropriate genetics for our grazing system with emphasis on overall herd/flock health
  • Allowing our animals access to open spaces year round
  • NO sub-therapeutic (low-level) antibiotic use
  • NO synthetic growth hormones
  • NO genetically modified (GM) feeds or oilseeds

If you have any questions about farm ecology, our farming philosophy, management practices and/or animal care please contact us.