Grass/Pasture Farming

We have dedicated our efforts to pasture/grass based livestock farming in a forage based cattle feeding and finishing system.

Pasture refers to land covered with grass and other low plants suitable for grazing animals including cattle, sheep and goats. Healthy pasture relies on various biological processes and proper land management. Our focus is on creating healthy soil, healthy pastures, and healthy animals by promoting the growth of healthy perennial pastures.

We focus on enhancing soil quality and health by trying to understand the energy flow, water and mineral cycles on the farm. At Luna Field Farm soil building is managed through permanent pasture stands and planned grazing.

In our efforts to build soil and enhance soil health through pasture management we also hope to increase stable wildlife habitat and encourage species diversity. We want to build resiliency into our land and farming model.

Our cattle are moved frequently through various pasture stands. They graze down forage, deposit their nutrient rich manure and trample vegetation into the ground. Short grazing periods are followed by long periods of rest and recovery.

In the winter months we feed the animals stored feed including silage and hay.