Price List


Whole Chicken: $4.29/lb (5-6 lb each)

Eggs: $6.00/dozen OR $12.50/30 flat

* Egg subscription eggs are sold at $5.00/dozen. Email for more information

* Poultry products are not processed in a provincially, or federally inspected poultry processing facility. Luna Field Farm Pasture-Raised Poultry Products (chicken, turkey, eggs) can not be purchased for resale.


**Package prices are based on the actual pounds of packaged meat that you receive.

~$1500 for a Half beef. 180 lbs ($8.49/lb) ** to order on our online order form simply submit an order for 2X quarter beef.

Approximately 50-60 lbs of ground, 4-6 lbs of stew, 12-14X3-4lb roasts (cross rib, chuck roast,rump or round roast), 10 lbs of short ribs, 35 lbs of steak (round, Tbone, Ribeye, Sirloin, Sirloin Tip,NY strip, Filet Mignon), 10 lbs of soup bones

~$800 for a Quarter beef. 85-90 lbs ($8.79/lb)

Approximately 25-30 lbs of ground, 2-3 lbs of stew, 2X3-4lb cross rib roast, 2X3-4 lb chuck roast, 2X3-4lb rump or round roast, 5 lbs of short ribs, 16 lbs of steak (round, Tbone, Ribeye, Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Filet Mignon), 5 lbs of soup bones

Traditional Cuts Package:

~$250 for 25 lbs ($9.79/lb)

Approximately 5-6 lbs of ground, 1 lbs of stew, 4X3-4 lb roasts (cross-rib, chuck, rump, round), 4-5 lbs of steak (ex. Rib steak, sirloin or Tbone)

30 lb Slow Cooker Package:

$8.99/lb (~$260-270)
Approximately 2Xchuck roast, 2Xround roast, 1Xcross rib roast or sirloin tip roast, 2 lbs stew beef, 5 lbs ground beef, 2 lb short ribs

Steak Package:

$15.89/lb (~$170)
Package includes approx 4 lbs of rib steak or Tbone, 4 lbs of sirloin/sirloin tip, 2 lbs of striploin, or filet mignon

Want to purchase beef by the cut? Let us know what you’d like!

beef fat $4.19/lb
beef liver $5.99/lb
soup bones $4.99/lb
ox tail $ 7.99/lb

ground beef $ 6.99/lb
stew beef $10.99/lb
short ribs $7.49/lb
beef brisket $8.99/lb
beef/pork Smokies $11.99/lb

porterhouse steak $21.49/lb
T bone steak $18.89/lb
Rib Steak (Flintstone style) $15.89/lb
Sirloin Steak $15.89/lb
Filet Mignon $22.99/lb
Striploin Steak (NY Strip) $21.49/lb
Sirloin tip Steak $11.79/lb

Chuck Roast $9.99/lb
Cross Rib Roast $9.99/lb
Eye of Round Roast $9.99/lb
Inside Round $9.99/lb
Outside Round $9.99/lb
Sirloin Rump Roast $13.89/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast $10.79/lb



**Package prices are based on the actual pounds of packages you receive.

Pastured Pork Packages:

Option 1: $6.49/lb
130-140 lbs of Luna Field Farm Pastured Pork includes approximately:
4X3-4 lb Pork shoulder roasts,4X3-4lb Pork hips roasts, 4X3-4 lb Loin roasts, 8 lbs blade chops/butt steaks, 16-20 lbs rib/loin chops, 8-10 lbs ground pork, 12-15 lbs bacon, 8-10lbs pork ribs, 8-10lbs sausage, 5-6lbs liver. 5 lbs pork fat also included at no extra charge.

Option 2: $6.49/lb
65-70 lbs of Luna Field Farm Pastured Pork includes approximately:

2X3-4 lb Pork shoulder roasts, 2X3-4lb Pork hips roasts, 2X3-4lb Loin roast, 4-5 lbs blade chops/butt steaks, 10-12 lbs rib/loin chops, 5-6 lbs ground pork, 7lbs bacon, 5-6 lbs pork ribs, 3-4lbs sausage, 2-3lbs liver. 3 lbs pork fat also included at no extra charge.

Option 3: $6.79/lb
25 lbs of Luna Field Farm Pastured Pork includes approximately.

2X3-4lb Pork hip or shoulder roasts, 2 lbs blade chops/butt steaks, 5-6 lbs rib/loin chops, 2 lbs ground pork, 3 lbs bacon, 2 lbs and sausage.

** ham can be provided in the place of a hip roast for the additional cost of curing.

Pork by the cut:

Ground Pork 5.99/lb
Pork Chops (tenderloin in & bone in) 7.49/lb
Pork Hip Roast 6.49/lb
Pork Shoulder Roast 6.49/lb
Pork Loin Roast (Boneless) 8.49/lb
Pork Tenderloin 14.89/lb
Pork Ribs 6.99/lb
Baby Back Ribs 6.99/lb
Bacon (cured) 10.49/lb
Bacon (uncured) 8.99/lb
Pork Belly 8.99/lb
Ham 8.49/lb
Hocks 3.99/lb
cured Hocks 5.99/lb
Breakfast Sausage 8.49/lb
Smoked Farmers Sausage 9.99/lb
Fresh Farmers Sausage 8.99/lb
Herb and Garlic Sausage 8.49/lb
Tuscan Style Sausage 8.49/lb
Southwest Sausage 8.49/lb
Fennel and White Wine Sausage 8.99/lb
Sweet and Spicy Italian Sausage 8.99/lb
Chorizo Sausage 8.99/lb
Blackburn Country Sausage (farm favourite!) 8.99/lb
Liver 4.00/lb
Pork Fat 3.00/lb
Pork Soup Bones 3.99/lb


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