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Do you want to order food from the farm? Check out the order form for our upcoming delivery! We have a number of ordering options. 

For the upcoming delivery dates we have: 

Eggs, Grassfed beef and Pasture raised pork. All of our eggs and meats are produced here on the farm. We also have Raw honey from our friends at Raven Creek Farm, Organic grains from DeRuycks’s Top of the Hill Farm, and Quinoa from Tamarack Farms.

Don’t see what you want on the order form for the upcoming delivery, or want to make an order for a little later in the year? Order ahead by choosing one of our pre-order ‘forms:

Grassfed Beef (Fall 2020 Delivery)

Pasture Raised Pork (Summer/Fall 2020 Delivery)

Pasture Raised Chicken (Summer/Fall 2020 Delivery)

Spring/Summer 2020 Egg Share Program. 



Order Form for all Upcoming Delivery Dates (updated weekly) * Eggs, Grassfed Beef, Pasture Raised pork, Raw honey, Organic grains *
Pasture Raised Chicken - Order in Advance for * Summer/Fall 2020 *
Winnipeg Spring/Summer 2020 Egg Share Program * River Heights and East Kildonan Delivery *
Brandon Spring/Summer 2020 Egg Share Program
Grassfed Beef - Order in Advance for Fall 2020
Pastured Pork - Order in Advance for Summer/Fall 2020