Pasture-Raised Chicken & Eggs

Our Pasture Raised Chickens & Eggs are limited and sold by subscription and pre-order. Please subscribe to our mailing list for more information


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At Luna Field Farm we raise pastured chicken. In a pastured poultry system birds are kept outside (seasonally). Portable shelters are used and the birds have access to pasture. The pastured poultry shelters are moved each day so we can manage nutrient deposits on the land and so the birds have access to clean pasture.

Our pasture raised chickens are sold by pre order. We begin taking pre-orders in March of each year for late summer/fall delivery. 


We also raised hens for eggs on pasture May-October and in a free range system October-May. Our eggs are sold by subscription. 

We mill all of our hen and chicken feed on site from whole grains.

Information about our pasture raised poultry (chickens & eggs) is sent out via our email newsletter. 

* Our chickens are uninspected, and our eggs are ungraded meaning they are not processed in a provincially inspected chicken processing facility or graded in a federally inspected egg grading facility.

This means that Luna Field Farm Pasture-Raised Chickens can not be purchased for resale and can only be sold direct from farmer to eater via pre-order.